Digital Ink

Why You Should Choose Silpo Digital Inks?

Whichever colors you choose to work with – whether you work with 4 colors or 5 colors or even more – our inks will provide you with the widest color space. In addition to main colors, Silpo can also produce tailor-made colors to fit your needs .

Leaving no traces after the kiln firing, the chemistry of our inks allows to achieve full control of the drop size and the penetration through the glazed tile surface which turns into the highest printing resolution achievable at the given glazing and firing conditions.

In the total respect of the environmental rules, in particular of the operator health and the kiln emission parameters, our inks have got no hazardous components and they are total free from vapors released even at operational temperature (45°C and above).

Though disposal of our inks is a simple and environmentally friendly operation, Silpo also offers a recycling service for the local customers which thoroughly complies with the regulation in force.

Colors and Homologation

Silpo inks, homologated by Tecnoferrari, Kerajet, Projecta, Intesa, Cretaprint and System, offers you a wide range of color alternatives you can choose from:

– Main colors (Yellow / Red Brown / Blue / Beige / Pink / Black)

– Additional colors (Honey / Cyan / Golden Yellow / Absolute Black / Lappato Black / Turquoise / Green / Red)

High-Quality Inks

Silpo’s self-developed production technology and know-how enables Silpo inks to be among the highest quality inks in the market. Our extensive research led to the production of our latest generation of inks with the following properties:

– Improved stability
– High print definition
– Enhanced tonality
– Consistent and high quality

Environmentally Friendly and Non-Hazardous Inks

In total respect of environmental rules, emission parameters and health regulations; Silpo inks are produced using non-hazardous chemicals. Accordingly, Silpo ink packages do not feature any hazard histograms.

Ink Production

Laboratory and R&D

MSDS of Silpo Inks