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Experienced Design Team

Silpo’s design team have been providing design creation and print preparation services to ceramic tile producers for all types of printing systems since our establishment. Our team has in-depth knowledge and understanding of all application types, both digital and traditional.

Digital Design Capabilities

With the introduction of digital printing systems in the ceramics tile industry, our designers began focusing more and more on digital designs. Through our cooperation with some of the leading software developers, Silpo Digital design team is capable of optimizing the performance of our inks through:

– Creating ICC profiles based on your company’s production conditions

– Continuous support on color management and profiling issues/requirements

– Carrying out test prints within Silpo or our customer’s facilities using the ICC profiles created

– Providing support to ensure fast transition to production with the highest color quality

– Continuously updating our design catalogues to provide a wider selection to our customers

– Providing support for our customers’ 3D scanner and surface works needs to meet their relief surface demands

– Making our advanced photography studio available to our customers

– Training our customers’ designers if needed

Tailor-Made Designs

Unlike most ink suppliers, we aim to fulfill our customers’ every design need. In order to do so, Silpo Digital design team prepares specially developed designs for our customers rather than giving them ordinary designs.

When one of our customers have a target in mind (e.g., a tile, wood, marble or style they like), we ask them to share their target with us (by sending us a sample of that target). Based on the information and samples we receive; our designers prepare a specially made design that fully meets our customer’s expectations completely.


Color Management


3D Scanner

Surface Works